Solid-Color Custom Decals

LeMaster Graphics is excited to offer custom vinyl transfer stickers!  With no minimum order quantity, free shipping, and quantity discounts, this is a great option no matter how many custom decals you’re ordering.



Choose from dozens of pre-designed decals or have your own custom decals made!  The pre-designed ones are perfect for retail stores, while custom designs are great for schools and organizations looking for custom offerings for students and fans (for example, a university bookstore or a minor league baseball team’s merchandise booth).  The image above shows a few decals in full retail packaging, as well as a decal applied to a laptop.

These premium decals are not the typical “peel-and-stick” stickers you usually see.  Rather than being printed on a sheet of cheap white vinyl, these are precision-cut from premium solid-color vinyl sheets.  Any two-color stickers are made by hand-layering two sheets of precision-cut premium vinyl.  The solid color vinyl material makes them less susceptible to chips, scratches, and fading – and these are weatherproof, so they’re perfect for indoor or outdoor use.  Customers will put these on their waterbottles, laptops, and cars.  As a retailer, this versatility will drive sales and return customers.  And if you’re using your organization’s logo, this is a great form of word-of-mouth advertising.

Individual retail packaging (shown above) is available for these if you’re a retail seller.  Retail packaging will contain instructions on how to apply these decals.  Bulk orders without full retail packaging contain printed instructions on how to apply these to any flat surface.

These premium decals are definitely a step above the typical cheap printed stickers.  As a result, customers will be willing to pay a bit more for a premium product.  Which leads to an increase in customer satisfaction as well as your profit margin.  MSRP is $9.99 for a 2-color decal and $9.99 for a 2-pack of 1-color decals.  The decals shown above measure approximately 3″ x 4.5″, and most decals from LeMaster Graphics will keep approximately those same measurements.  Retail package measures approximately 5.25″ x 7.25″.

Decals can be made from any pattern in the decal catalog (coming soon) in any color, or pair of colors if you’re ordering a 2-color decal.  I can also create custom decals from your organization’s logo or from any other user-submitted design.*

All LeMaster Graphics transfer decals are manufactured in Bellingham, Washington.  Contact me for more details, with any questions, or for a custom price quote! I can also ship you a free sample unit and pricing sheet upon request.  All price quotes and sample units carry no obligation to purchase.

*Setup fees may apply for decals created from customer-submitted content.

Minimum order quantity of 25 decals for any customer-submitted or custom design.

LeMaster Graphics will not recreate any copyrighted material in its vinyl decals without permission from a representative of the organization.