Product Photography

The world of online sales is currently more competitive than ever.  With easy access to seller marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy and others, and a camera in everyone’s pocket in the form of a smartphone, the barriers to entry in e-commerce are lower than ever.  This is great for new entrants in the field, but it’s absolutely vital to set yourself apart with your visual communications toward customers.

In this day and age, a customer needs to be sold on a product before they see it in person.  Whether they order and pay for the item online, or are driving to a physical location to pick it up, they want to see what they’re getting before they invest any time or money getting it.  This is where your iPhone photos won’t cut it, and will cost you money and sales.

To solve this problem, LeMaster Graphics is offering high-resolution stock product photography.  I start by personally photographing your item(s) from multiple angles with a high-resolution SLR camera in a professional white-backdrop booth with professional studio lighting.  This may include the product in full retail packaging, product outside of retail packaging, photo of the reverse of the packaging, any detail shots of the product, et cetera.  When you submit a product, I’m happy to make recommendations of which angles will really “wow” your target customer.

Once the photos are taken, I import all the photos into my computer, hand-selecting the best photo from each angle.  I then edit each selected photo in Adobe Photoshop, correcting the colors, clearing out the background, removing reflections/blemishes, and making your photo absolutely perfect.

For each product you submit, you will receive:

•  Raw high-resolution photos, one from each requested angle.

•  One fully-edited high-res photo from each requested angle.  Compatible with eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere you want to show off and promote your product offering.  (1600×1600 pixels, solid white background)

•  One fully-edited transparent high-res photo from each requested angle.  (1600×1600 pixels, no background)

Please contact me for a price estimate or with any other questions about getting stock photography done for your products.  I look forward to helping you grow your business and gain new sales and customer relationships!