Custom VHS to DVD Services


Wedding Tape Special!!  Convert your wedding video to your choice of a premium DVD or Blu-Ray disc keepsake set with a fully customized front cover, back cover, spine, and two custom disc faces – and containing your wedding video, wedding album video slideshow, and digital copies of your wedding tape and all your wedding photos.  Premium wedding VHS conversion packages start at $189.99.

Disc 1 is a DVD or Blu-Ray disc containing your wedding video and a high-definition slideshow (standard-definition on DVD sets) of your wedding album, while Disc 2 is a computer-ready DVD containing your digital wedding album and a digital video of your wedding.  These may be saved to your PC or Mac, shared on Facebook, attached to emails, et cetera.

Each package will include two full DVD or Blu-Ray keepsake sets (a full backup copy is included, in case your kid accidentally steps on one!), as well as a USB flash drive containing all the digital files.

Contact LeMaster Graphics today to order this for your anniversary, your spouse’s birthday, or just because!  Scroll down the page to see pricing for our standard VHS conversion packages, starting at $20.

Shipping is free for premium wedding keepsake sets, and your wedding video and all physical photos will be shipped back to you for free after being scanned and converted.



Convert your old VHS tapes to a long-lasting, professionally-packaged DVD. Great for wedding tapes, family videos, travel videos, or anything else you’d like to keep for more than the 10-15 year lifespan of a VHS tape.

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Video File to DVD
Send LeMaster Graphics a video file via a CD-R, flash drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, et cetera, and I’ll design and produce a professional DVD.

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Video File to Blu-Ray
Is your video in High Definition? Don’t downgrade it to a standard-def DVD, get a Blu-Ray to preserve the sharp look of your HD video. DVD copies can be added on as well, for a small fee.

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Suggested uses for DVD/Blu-Ray creation services:

• Keepsake wedding video/slideshow

• High school graduations.  Have students submit photos from senior year, and give them each a souvenir graduation DVD/Blu-Ray set with photos and music from their senior year.

•  Community theater.  Order a DVD/Blu-Ray set with a video of the show itself, and a photo slideshow with candid photos from rehearsals, set-building, et cetera.  This may be done with the play and the slideshow on a single disc, or as a 2-disc set.

•  Old family videos.  Have that drawer full of VHS tapes converted to long-lasting DVD and Blu-Ray discs (which will look great on a bookshelf or DVD cabinet!) with additional USB backup copies.  VHS tapes aren’t known for their longevity, and it is highly recommended to have them backed up digitally as to not lose these memories!  Submit old family photos to have custom labels and covers made.

•  Independent Films.  DVDs and Blu-Rays can be created with full menu structures and scene selections, and produced in bulk.  Bulk orders will include fully-customizable covers, menus, inserts, and disc labels.  Contact LeMaster Graphics for a price quote on a bulk DVD or Blu-Ray order.  On-Demand printing is also available, as well as flexible pricing based on order quantity (perfect for Kickstarter rewards).

•  iPhone videos.  Have your iPhone videos converted to keepsake DVD and Blu-Ray discs.  Don’t risk losing your kid’s first school play or dance recital when you drop your phone in a puddle!

ASTRA highly recommends Hayden LeMaster and his artistry for your DVD and Blu-Ray work.  Hayden has created DVDs for several years for our theatre group and he has captured the spirit of our shows in his final product.”  Debbie Churchill, Producer, All Saints Theatrical Repertoire Association



Each VHS tape incurs an initial $20.00 charge for the VHS-to-Digital conversion.  Once the VHS tape is converted to digital, you may choose from the following options:

MP4 File (Digital Delivery) FREE

MP4 File (on physical DVD disc) +$5 per disc

DVD-Video Disc +$10 per disc

MP4 File on disc and DVD-Video Disc +$12.50 per 2-disc set

MP4 files on USB flash drive +$20 per USB Drive