Kickstarter DVD and Blu-Ray Production

Kickstarter DVD Blu-Ray Bulk Wholesale Production


Attention, independent filmmakers!  One of the coolest things you can offer to your fans and Kickstarter supporters is a fully-packaged movie.  Not a DVD-R with your movie title written in Sharpie, but something professional.  Something that looks like it was produced by a major studio.

LeMaster Graphics offers bulk production with NO minimum order, so you can offer these to your supporters no matter how big or small your project is.  Many Kickstarter DVD producers will require a minimum order quantity, opening up the potential to lose money if you don’t get enough backers for your project.

I also offer variable pricing.  You provide your desires for the DVD or Blu-Ray, and I provide a guaranteed price table. 1-9 copies will cost you $X each, 10-24 copies will cost you $X each, et cetera.  You add keepsake DVDs and Blu-Rays as Kickstarter rewards, priced above the most expensive cost level… you won’t actually place your order until AFTER your Kickstarter is finished, so you know you will be ordering the exact right amount of copies, and at the best possible price!

You will know your price before starting your Kickstarter, so you can offer an awesome gift to your supporters while ensuring a significant profit toward your film project.

Please contact LeMaster Graphics for more info on bulk Kickstarter DVD/Blu-Ray orders or a price quote.

ASTRA highly recommends Hayden LeMaster and his artistry for your DVD and Blu-Ray work.  Hayden has created DVDs for several years for our theatre group and he has captured the spirit of our shows in his final product.  Debbie Churchill, Producer, All Saints Theatrical Repertoire Association