Product Photography

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. And with the prevalence of online shopping, that statement is more true than ever! Buyers are making purchasing decisions through their screens and don’t have the luxury of seeing your product in person. Good product photography can make or break your sale! Because of this, we strive to create stellar photography. Your customer should feel like they’re seeing the product in person, not a quick cellphone photo.

We offer product photos that will present your products in an attractive, realistic way. Phone screens and computer monitors are clearer than ever… and because of that, all our photos are in full high-resolution, and fully compliant with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and all other online marketplaces.

Each photo package comes with a main photo of the front of your product, three detail/angle shots, and an image showing size/scale. All photos will be enhanced and color-corrected in Adobe Photoshop. Price is $119 per product.

Please view the gallery below to see one of our recent projects. These were created for AlternaSweets in Burlington, WA. AlternaSweets sells sauces that are mainly sold online; because of that, quality photography is a must for their business.

Included in your package will be 2 copies of each individual photo:
• One with a solid-white background, which is perfect for social media and eCommerce pages
• One with a fully transparent background behind the image, which is great for countless design/marketing applications.

Photo Gallery


If you’re interested in having professional product photography done by us, please request a quote or contact us for more info!