5″ License Plate Stickers


Quantity Discount (%) Price per Sticker
1 - 99 $4.99
100 - 249 70.94 % $1.45
250 - 499 74.15 % $1.29
500 - 999 77.56 % $1.12
1,000 - 1,999 80.56 % $0.97
2,000+ 81.56 % $0.92


LeMaster Graphics License Plate Stickers are a must-have for anyone who wants to represent their area, and help others to do the same!

These stickers will be instantly recognizable by your potential customers, and help your brand to be seen as a local establishment with local roots. And the fun designs are something that your current customers will want to buy and show off on their cars, trucks, laptops, waterbottles, etc.

Design and setup is included with these license plate stickers at no extra cost. Upon ordering, you’ll receive an email from us to start the design process. We’ll ask you for the following:
– A copy of your logo
– The text you want customized on the plate
– The text you’d like to see along the bottom of the plate

Not entirely sure yet? Not a problem! Contact us, tell us a bit about your business or organization, and we’ll gladly put together some mockup ideas for you at no charge.

Your stickers will not be manufactured until you have approved the design that’s perfect for your needs.